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circus arts fitness ®Policies and Practices


Below are answers to the most common questions we get from day to day. If you have questions regarding Circus Arts Fitness that are not answered here, contact us for more information.

What is the teacher to student ratio?

Our teacher to student ration is generally one teacher to three or four students, but may vary slightly.

What is the typical class format?

When you arrive at class we’ll warm up, divide into groups, and go to different stations. You’ll learn tricks at your own pace on the ground or aerial equipment.

Can I come to Circus Arts Fitness classes if I’m pregnant?

Please check with your physician before enrolling in classes if you are pregnant.

Do I need to be able to lift myself before I enroll?

No, but you should be willing to do strength training outside of class to help facilitate the process.

What exercises should I do to get ready for Circus Arts Fitness?

Cardiovascular and strength training will help prepare your body for our challenging workout. We recommend consulting with a personal trainer.

Are private lessons available?

Yes, by appointment. Please see our private lesson page for more information or email for more information or to schedule your session.

Does the Circus Arts Institute host birthday parties and special events?
Yes! We host a variety of special events, including birthday parties, group and private lessons, and corporate workshops. Please email for more details and to schedule.

What should my child wear to a Circus Arts Fitness class?

Stretchy, comfortable clothing that allows easy movement. A unitard, stretchy pants, or leggings with a leotard or a tight fitting shirt (one that won’t come up when you are upside down!) with sweatpants are appropriate. Please no buttons, sequins, Velcro or zippers. Shoes and socks will be removed for classes.

It is important that you DO NOT APPLY HAND OR BODY LOTION on the day of class, especially on the inside or your hands or on your feet or ankles. Lotion makes it difficult to grip and climb our equipment.

Can I serve food in the studio at my special event?

Unfortunately, to preserve the integrity of our equipment, we cannot allow food in the studio. For more information on nearby restaurants, click here.

Can I purchase a gift card for Fitness Classe?

Sure thing! Click here.

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